In 2009,IT Gates Training & Education was formed to provide quality information and communication technology education and certification services to the market..

IT Gates training center is specialized in providing professional training path for different job roles by assisting partners to build the foundation of knowledge and skills needed to perform their job role competently.

IT Gates relies on the skills of its instructors. Our Instructors are highly professional, certified and well trained to satisfy needs of our customers throughout the courses tracks.

IT Gates relies on the records to be happening on an international certificate in the article to be taught as required to be reflected holds a certificate of records supported by Microsoft

Technical Team

In IT Gates technical team the instructor is one of most important components of successful training and education business, IT Gates meticulously selects its technical instructors. The selection criteria were based on professional field experience, international certification, excellent teaching skills and exceptional communication abilities.

IT Gates offers some sort of specialized training for companies and factories within the company or outside at the hands of specialists

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